DD Free Dish SPACE FULL Problem Solution

Hi Friends, Today i have give you Solution for SPACE IS FULL problem. This problem comes in DD Free Dish MPEG-2 Set Top Box.

When MPEG-2 Set Top Box memory is Full then this problem comes. Due to this problem All channel didn’t scan in MPEG-2 Set Top Box. Many user didn’t Delete old channel list and then scan & scan. So when Storage is full then MPEG-2 Set Top Box show SPACE IS FULL massage. I have give you Full Solution.

Now You Can Follow these steps given below –
1. Now Open MAIN MENU

2. Go To System Setup

3. Now Go To Default Value or Resume Default and Click on OK

4. Now your Set Top Box is reset and Default Channels save in Your Set Top Box.

5. Now You need to Delete All TV & Radio Channels.

6. Go To MAIN MENU and then go to Edit Program and click on Delete All Program. Now TV Channels Deleted.

7. Now Go To Again MAIN MENU , Go To Radio Channel List and Go To Again MAIN MENU and Edit Program & click on Delete All Program. Now All Radio Channel Deleted.

8. Now Again Go To MAIN MENU and Go To TV Channel List.

9. Now Go To Again MAIN MENU.

10. Now Go To Program Setup and Go To AUTO SCAN.

11. Now Enter
LNB Frequency 09750 09750
Scan Mode – FREE
22K Tone – OFF

12. Now Press OK and Your Set Top Box Start search All Channels.

So Friends SPACE IS FULL problem solved and Friends You can Enjoy all DD FREE DISH channels. You can watch video also for this Problem Solution.



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